Getting Fit With Fitocracy


I recently came across a website called Fitocracy which takes the online game achievement mentality into the fitness arena. With Fitocracy, you log your workouts and get points based on what you’ve completed. You also get points for interacting with other Fitocracy members, and for completing quests which are generally small groups of exercises. As you gain more points your level increases (and possibly your ego).

At first, using Fitocracy was just addicting because I could quickly level up with regular workouts. I don’t do crazy workouts, just some walking and lifting heavy things a few times a week. But, that was enough to allow me to level up a few times and see how much fun it was to challenge myself to reach a new level.

After the novelty wore off, I found that Fitocracy was not just another website to log activities. There is a large (and ever growing) group of very knowledgable members on the site. These members actively ask and answer questions about everything from supplements to nutrition to how to improve at certain exercises.

There seems to be a large group of  paleo/primal people using Fitocracy and I’ve found many fantastic discussions about primal concepts there. There are also a number of intermittent fasting groups, including one specifically for people that follow the Lean Gains approach.

Fitocracy also syncs with RunKeeper so if you are already logging activities such as walking, sprinting or biking with RunKeeper, you can keep using that app and seamlessly sync with Fitocracy. A simple 3 mile walk logged with RunKeeper gets me over 150 points each time!

The only downside to Fitocracy right now is that there is no iPhone app. But, they’ve stated it will be coming in early 2012. Follow Fitocracy on Twitter for updates.

If you need support, motivation or just some good conversation, Fitocracy is a great place to look. If you’re already a member, follow me here and I will follow back.

Fitocracy is free but it’s invite only right now. So, if you aren’t a member, drop me a line in the comments about how you think you’ll benefit from using Fitocracy and I’ll send invites to 9 8 7 6 5 people.


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