Kombucha Salad Dressing


Pan seared sea bass with chive oil, garlic green beans, and kale salad with kombucha dressing.

Pan seared sea bass with chive oil, garlic green beans, and kale salad with kombucha dressing.

I love kombucha. It helped me transition off of sugary drinks, helped my gain confidence when I learned I could brew it at home, and may be helping me have a healthy gut. But, the dirty little secret of people who continuously brew kombucha is that sometimes you end up with way too much if you aren’t drinking it fast enough. So I’ve been trying to find other ways to use my extra booch. I’ve watered my garden with it, given it to friends, and am considering trying it as a hair conditioner.

Last night I was making what I jokingly refer to as a “Chopped Dinner”, so named because I take whatever random ingredients I have in the fridge and throw together a meal sort of like the chefs on the show Chopped. I had a head of kale and green beans. I didn’t want to serve both as a side with our sea bass because that just seemed incongruent. So I decided to make a kale salad but groaned at the idea of another salad with balsamic and olive oil. We eat a lot of those and I wanted something different.

The jar I brew my kombucha in caught my eye and I thought “kombucha is vinegar…” and before I knew it I had a delicious salad that garnered more comments than the pan seared Chilean sea bass with homemade chive oil!

The kombucha I used was brewed with hibiscus leaves and flavored with a bit of fresh pineapple and peach juice. The flavor of the kombucha won’t matter much as you can’t really taste it, it just ads the tang you need to give the salad some dimension.

You can put whatever you want in your salad, but this dressing worked very well with the following mix.


  • Mix equal parts kombucha and olive oil.
  • Add salt and pepper to taste.
  • That’s it. Really.

I used 3 tablespoons of each, oil and kombucha, for the salad described below.


  •  1 head of kale
  • 1 carrot
  • 1/4 cup of pistachios (shelled)
  • seeds of 1/4 – 1/2 a pomegranate
  • 3-4 green onions

Thinly chop the kale, removing the ribs. Julienne the carrot, or just chop into thin sticks. Thinly slice the white and light green parts of the onions. Mix the veggies with the pomegranate seeds, pistachios, and dressing. Enjoy!



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