Step-by-Step Kombucha Brewing Instructions


My friend gave me a scoby and convinced me to make kombucha at home. She had purchased hers online and gave me the directions it came with. The instructions were simple but I was still scared to try fermenting my own kombucha. I left the scoby in my refrigerator for two weeks before I was brave enough to try brewing my first batch. Now I brew continuously, bottling each batch every 10 days, and can’t believe I was ever intimidated by making kombucha. I don’t want you to be intimidated either so here are the simplest step-by-step kombucha directions ever.

Kombucha Supplies

  • kombucha scoby (purchased or peeled from a friend’s scoby*)
  • 8 tea bags of choice (don’t get too creative, just use green or black for your first few batches)
  • (2) 1.5 – 2 gallon glass container (my favorite container)
  • 1.5 cups raw cane sugar
  • 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar
  • 1 gallon water
  • a pot large enough to boil the water (or just split it between many pots)
  • paper towels or other breathable cloth
  • a large rubberband

Kombucha Process

  1. Heat 1 gallon of water until small bubbles start to form.
  2. Put 1.5 cups of raw cane sugar and 8 tea bags in your glass container.
  3. Pour the hot water into the container and let the tea bags steep. Leave the tea until it has cooled to room temperature. Don’t worry about leaving the bags in there too long. It won’t hurt your results.
  4. Remove the tea bags from your cooled tea and add 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar.
  5. Pour out the liquid your scoby came with and dump the scoby into your sweet tea.
  6. Cover the top of your container with a couple of paper towels or a breathable cloth and secure with a rubberband.
  7. Leave the tea in a room temperature place out of the sun for 10 days.
  8. On the 10th day, heat up another gallon of water and repeat the process to prepare sweet tea in your second glass container.
  9. When your new batch of sweet tea is cooled, with clean utensils move the scoby from your completed batch to the new batch along with about 1/2 a cup of the brewed kombucha. Cover this container and secure with a rubberband and set it aside to brew for the next 10 days.
  10. Blend 12 ounces of your fruit of choice if you want to flavor your kombucha. We like ours with strawberries.
  11. You can leave your brewed kombucha in the container you made it in but I find that it is easier to drink and store if you bottle it in glass bottles (I save the store bought kombucha bottles). One batch of kombucha will fill up 7 to 10 Synergy kombucha bottles depending on how full you fill them and how much fruit you add.
    • If you are going to leave your kombucha in the brewing container, just pour the blended fruit in, stir, and move the container to the refrigerator.
    • If you are going to bottle your kombucha, pour equal parts of the blended fruit into the bottles, then fill each bottle with kombucha. Screw the caps on tightly and set the bottles aside for a day or two for a “second ferment” which will create carbonation. The second ferment is optional so you can put your kombucha bottles in the fridge.
  12. Enjoy once chilled!

Once you make a batch or two with regular tea you can start experimenting with flavored teas. I just made a batch with apple raspberry tea and it almost tastes like a fruit smoothy. Let me know in the comments if you try flavored teas and find a favorite!

*There are many places online to buy a scoby. I can’t speak to the quality of any of them but I’m sure whichever one you pick will be just fine. You can also ask people in your local Weston A. Price chapter, gym, or other health group for a piece of their scoby. The things multiply like Gremlins dipped in water so anyone who brews kombucha should be happy to share a piece of their scoby with you. I’ve also heard of people finding them on Craigslist.

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